Q: Will all the channels I receive be High Definition (HD)?

A: Not all digital signals are High Definition (HD). Make sure you are using a High Definition Television (HDTV) with built-in ATSC tuner. When connecting the antenna to a third-party receiver, make sure it can receive HD. Otherwise, no HD channels can be received.


Q: Can you put the antenna behind the TV?

A: Yes, but it may not be the ideal location for the antenna. The TV will block some of the signal, which will weaken the signal.


Q: Are channel lineups available?

A: No. The channels you can receive depend on many complex factors such as distance to the transmitting antennas, ULTRA•VIZION height above ground, the tower direction, trees blocking a clear view, etc. After performing the first scan on your TV with your ULTRA•VIZION  antenna, you will immediately see what channels are available.


Q: Is this just like a streaming device?

A: No, ULTRA•VIZION is a 4K HD antenna that plugs into your TV, so you can have TV anywhere in your house without having to run cables. ULTRA•VIZION compliments all your streaming devices by adding local and sports events for free.


Q: How many channels can I receive?

A: The number of channels you can receive will be determined by what is being broadcast in your area. Channel reception will vary from location to location based on terrain (including trees, buildings, hills, and mountains). The fewer obstructions, the better your chance of receiving strong digital signals. Go to /coverage. Enter your ZIP Code for a listing of likely channels available in your area.