1. Make sure your TV has a HDTV Tuner; if not, you will need to buy a Digital Converter Box.

2. Not all digital signals are High Definition. Ensure your digital receiver is a HD receiver, otherwise no HD channels can be viewed.

3. Make sure you install the antenna and amplifier correctly, the amplifier comes with a USB cable, and this cable should be powered through a USB charging port, the indicator light will be green when working.

4. Position the antenna to a higher location, preferably on a window or if a window is unavailable, a wall with no outside obstacle, trees. buildings, etc. Recommend mounting is in the window for best results.

5. Position flat area of antenna towards the broadcast towers. Always rescan for channels after moving the antenna.

6. If the received signal is not good, try changing the antenna direction, whether the installation direction is horizontal or vertical, and then rescan for channels.

7. TV reception is dependent on the distance from your location to the transmitting tower and surrounding environments.

8. Reception will vary based on factors like geography and location of the broadcast signal; hills, buildings and even tall trees can impact reception.

9. Mobile homes with metal roofs and / or awnings will not benefit from this antenna.

10. Keep the antenna away from any sources of interference: large power consumption devices, such as air conditioners, elevators, hairdryers, and microwave ovens.

11. If you live in area that is near the transmission tower, there may be no need to boost the signal strength. If you live in a rural area where the signal is weak or intermittent, you may want to use the amplifier kit to enhance your reception.

12. Re-scan for TV channels every month and / or retune your digital receiver to ensure you are receiving all available channels. Re-scanning and tuning takes only a few minutes and can be done with your remote control.

13. This digital HDTV antenna is intended for indoor use only.

Note: if the amplifier is not being used, please attach antenna cable directly to TV. Do not attach antenna cable to amplifier.